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We are currently focused on two major program areas and invite you to learn more about:

Partner's Place is based off of the Housing First model which asserts that the first need of a homeless individual or household is to obtain stable housing.  Other needs that affect the household are addressed once housing is obtained - this concept is in contrast to many other programs which operate under the model that those issues that may have led to the episode of the homelessness must be addressed before housing is procured.  

Men's Cold Weather Shelter  is open four months a year from November 15 - March 15, 7 pm - 7 am. and is located at the Westside Community Church. Currently, much activity is underway in order to help our guests at the shelter plan for their next steps.
We are always looking to improve our ability to help others.  If you have ideas or would like to volunteer, then we want to hear from you.  Your time, skills and knowledge are valuable to us.  Please use the form to the right to contact us.  

Providing social services to vulnerable community members through outreach and a caring network of faith community services and volunteers.

Men's Winter Shelter  
 Is Now Closed for the Season.
Thank you to all of those who helped with the Shelter this season. 
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